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Re: [coldsync-hackers] How to delete all records from one DB every every sync time sync happens?

>         If you really want to delete everything, you'll need to write
> a Sync conduit to do so. The DLP DeleteRecord call takes a special
> argument value to mean "delete all records," so this should be a
> fairly short script. Unfortunately SPC.pm doesn't have the
> DeleteRecord function yet.

I tried to delete DB using dlp_req but no succes.
Sample code is below.
This conduit runs only for my creator/type.
DB should be closed before deleting, so it is closed because I'm not even opening
$retval contains nothing, and $err contains 0x35.
So there was an error deleting DB, but i don't know why.
DB do contains dirty records.

Why does dlpdeleterecord in dlp_cmd.c uses uid to find record? It takes O(n) for
finding it.
What is the "special argument value" for dlpdeleterecord to mean "delete all


use ColdSync;
use ColdSync::SPC;
use Palm::Zamw;


my $retval;
($err,@odp)=&dlp_req(0x1a,{ id=>0x20, data=>pack("C a*x",0,$base)});

  for (@odp)
       if ($_->{id} == 0x20)
       else { }
open OUTFILE,">logfile";

print OUTFILE ($retval,"\n");
print OUTFILE ($err,"\n";

close OUTFILE;

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