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Re: [coldsync-hackers] coldsync install and perl

On Wed, Apr 25, 2001 at 12:46:43AM -0400, Matt Cashner wrote:
> problem i'm having is that PREFIX is getting picked up anyway by
> MakeMaker. its really strange. and of course, MakeMaker itself is strange
> and evil beast.
> one thought i wanted to run by you, andrew, is the idea of moving
> perl/ColdSync into perl/ and removing the Makefile in perl/ that doesnt
> seem to ever be called.

	Perhaps these two comments can be combined: use perl/Makefile
as glue between the top-level Makefile and
perl/ColdSync/Makefile{,.PL} . That way, the top-level Makefile
doesn't get polluted with all sorts of extraneous MakeMaker-related
nastiness, and the Perl Makefile still gets whatever hand-holding it

	Besides, CVS doesn't like it when you move files around, and
gets downright cranky when you move directories.

> speaking of coldsync i'm having issues getting coldsync to work at all
> after a system rebuild. slackware linux 7.1, kernel 2.2.19. usb is picking
> up my visor just fine but coldsync isnt doing anything. i havent beaten on
> it enough to know for certain that i'm just not being a moron so i'm
> not willing to call it a bug or even a problem yet. but still...

	The thing that tripped me up originally was that I didn't see
the "Advanced Options" button in the kernel config tool (maybe the
fact that it was only the second time I'd tried building Linux kernel
had something to do with it).
	Other people on this list are much more familiar with Linux
than I am, so I'll let them jump in.

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