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Re: [coldsync-hackers] coldsync install and perl

On Wed, 25 Apr 2001, Andrew Arensburger wrote:

> 	A better solution, I think, would be to have separate $PREFIX
> and $PERL_PREFIX variables, with $PERL_PREFIX defaulting to $PREFIX to
> handle the most common case.

problem i'm having is that PREFIX is getting picked up anyway by
MakeMaker. its really strange. and of course, MakeMaker itself is strange
and evil beast.

one thought i wanted to run by you, andrew, is the idea of moving
perl/ColdSync into perl/ and removing the Makefile in perl/ that doesnt
seem to ever be called.  everything else i'm looking at is fairly small,
change wise. and this change is hardly vital but might be nice. so yeah...
it will be a few days until i get back to coldsync. i've got some other
things brewing code wise that need my attention.

speaking of coldsync i'm having issues getting coldsync to work at all
after a system rebuild. slackware linux 7.1, kernel 2.2.19. usb is picking
up my visor just fine but coldsync isnt doing anything. i havent beaten on
it enough to know for certain that i'm just not being a moron so i'm
not willing to call it a bug or even a problem yet. but still...


thanks, andrew, for the response.

Matt Cashner
Web Applications Developer
The Creative Group (http://www.cre8tivegroup.com)
eek@eekeek.org | Codito, ergo sum

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