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Re: [coldsync-hackers] visor edge/usb/freebsd 4.3-RC problems

> Are you sure? It's not documented (in a stable release), so I
> think it was just ignored (he said, without consulting the source).

may be not, makes no difference now since i am at 2.1

> you'll get this message. The reason is that in Init mode, the userid
> defaults to your Unix UID. But your Visor already has a userid, and
> it's different from what ColdSync expects. So rather than risk messing
> something up, it prints an error message and aborts.
> The fix is to add
> userid: 1000;
> or
> userid: 1078;
> to the pda{} block.

yes and i have userid: 1078;
it still complains. the only way i could make it stop complaining and do the
sync is to use /usr/local/etc/palms
and use 1000|1000| there. go figure.

> > also it seems that only -md can use ugen0 without /dev everywhere else
when you
> >  specify device you need -p /dev/${DEVNAME}
> Yup. This is a feature.

fine with me as long as its documented ;)

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