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Re: [coldsync-hackers] coldsync 2.1, USB, & FreeBSD

> > coldsync works from the command line under FBSD 4-2 (sorta).
> > 
> > First, my /etc/usbd.conf:
> > 
> > ## Handspring visor (PDA)
> >    device "Handspring Visor"
> >         devname "ugen0"
> >         vendor 0x082d           
> >         product 0x0100          
> >         release 0x0100
> > 
> > ...That's it.  No "attach" statement needed for coldsync-2.1.
> 	Is that the entirety of your /etc/usbd.conf, or just the
> entirety of the bit about the Visor?
> 	I ask because my usbd.conf is the one that came installed with
> 4.2-RELEASE, plus 
> 	device "Handspring Visor"
> 		vendor 0x082d
> 		product 0x0100
> 		release 0x0100
> (Note: no "attach" statement, no "devname" statement). Right after
> this entry is the fallthrough entry:
> 	device "USB device"
> Could it be that usbd is somehow getting confused by something in your
> usbd.conf?

That could be; I don't have any mention of the Handspring Visor in my
/etc/usbd.conf.  The binding of a particular USB peripheral to a 
type of USB device (e.g., mouse, keyboard, etc.) is done within the
kernel.  If there is no explicit binding that the kernel is aware of,
the USB peripheral is bound to the "generic" device, ugen.

> > But this block has to be in /etc/usbd.conf.  (I think this is because 
> >>it tells usbd to associate the visor with /dev/ugen0 so that it can be
> >> read from and written to

I don't think that's the case at all.  It's NEVER been necessary for me.

> 	This is a sensible explanation, but things work for me just
> fine without the Visor block.
> 	Did you say you were running a version of FreeBSD newer than
> 4.2? If so, perhaps they broke usbd or the USB subsystem?

I'm running a fairly recent (with the last week or two) version of
4.2-STABLE, in the pre-4.3-RELEASE code freeze.

> > then from my home directory I just type: 
> > 
> > %coldsync
> > 
> > and it *might* work.  The first 10 or so times I try it the sync goes 
> >>fine, provided that I hit the HotSync button in a time window of about
> >> 3 or 4 seconds which starts aobut 4 or 5 seconds after I press <enter
> >>> .....but it stops working after those 10 or so syncs --I have no clu
> >>e why.
> > Now here's the odd part:  It definitely works if several instances of 
> >>coldsync are run at once (more than 15 or 20 ensures a sync).  I have 
> >>an executable script called "~/bin/ugly" which is just 26 lines consis
> >>ting of "coldsync &".  If type "ugly", I get 26 lines that say "Please
> >> press the HotSync buttion", I hit it, and the visor syncs like it's s
> >>upposed to.   with this trick, timing is not an issue (for the user), 
> >>provided that I hit the HotSync button after the coldsyncs are running
> >> and before they time out at 30 seconds.  
> > 
> > whoops.....just tried this with coldsync 1.4.6; it works there too (th
> >>e "ugly" trick, not the timing trick).
> > 
> > ok; so what does all this mean?
> 	I know this sounds like finger-pointing, but this looks like
> an OS bug or setup problem to me. You may want to try running
> 'usbdevs' and "echo foo < /dev/ugen0" in the "attach" script (and save
> the output, naturally).
> 	If this is an OS or setup problem, then I would expect the
> "< /dev/ugen0" or "< /dev/ugen0.2" to fail under the same conditions
> as ColdSync:
> 	# echo foo < /dev/ugen0
> 	/dev/ugen0: Device not configured.
> 	If it's an OS problem, try asking FreeBSD-questions or
> FreeBSD-hardware or something. They might tell you to submit a bug
> report (I didn't see any that obviously match what you describe :-( ).

I would try a more recent version of FreeBSD.  Alternatively, you
could try building a kernel with some of the USB debugging features
turned on.

Louis Mamakos

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