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Re: [coldsync-hackers] visor edge/usb/freebsd 4.3-RC problems

On Thu, Apr 19, 2001 at 12:21:23PM -0400, Ilya wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 19, 2001 at 02:19:56AM -0500, James Widman wrote:
> > Ilya wrote:
> > As far as I know, "-m" is not a valid option for coldsync.  And if that
> it was valid for 1.4.6

	Are you sure? It's not documented (in a stable release), so I
think it was just ignored (he said, without consulting the source).

> i was able to make a backup and sync. the only 
> thing i am having problem with is init mode (-mI), though i have in
> .c
>  the lines it suggests, each time I run sync in Init mode it
> complains
>> that pda
> and suggest to put 1078 in .coldsyncrc. My unix uid is 1000.i have tried to 
> specify ~/.coldsyncrc with -f, i tried without specifying it, it looks like 
> the coldsync binary doesnt look at it at all. each time it says i dont have 
> those lines. The only way to make sync wotk is to manually edit 
> /usr/local/etc/palms i put |1000|1000 for user and luser there and it works,
> though init is still complaining.

	Which error message are you getting? Is it

	This Palm already has user information that matches neither what's in your
	configuration file, nor the defaults. Please edit your .coldsyncrc and

	Your .coldsyncrc should contain something like the following:

	This message means that it found a pda{} block in your
.coldsyncrc that matches the Palm, but that pda{} block doesn't
specify a username or userid.
	Thus, if the userid on your Palm is 1078, your UID on your
workstation is 1000, and .coldsyncrc says

	pda "My Visor" {
		snum: "*Visor*";
		username: "Ilya";
		directory: /homes/ilya/.visor;

you'll get this message. The reason is that in Init mode, the userid
defaults to your Unix UID. But your Visor already has a userid, and
it's different from what ColdSync expects. So rather than risk messing
something up, it prints an error message and aborts.
	The fix is to add

		userid: 1000;
		userid: 1078;

to the pda{} block.

> need to put -p ${DEVNAME} or it will be uused as argument for -mr

	Yup. Currently, ColdSync parses arguments until it finds one
that it doesn't recognize, and assumes that anything that follows is
mode-specific arguments. Arguably, this is incorrect (unless the modes
also check their arguments).

> also it seems that only -md can use ugen0 without /dev everywhere else when you
>  specify device you need -p /dev/${DEVNAME}

	Yup. This is a feature.

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