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Re: [coldsync-hackers] visor edge/usb/freebsd 4.3-RC problems

On Thu, Apr 19, 2001 at 02:19:56AM -0500, James Widman wrote:
> Ilya wrote:
> > 
> > Hi. Ive been trying for 3 days now to get my visor edge to sync with coldsync through USB in FreeBSD 
> <snip>
> > i have also tried to use this in /etc/usbd.conf with no luck:
> > #device "Handspring Visor"
> > #device "Handspring Inc Handspring Visor"
> >  #       devname "ugen0.2"
> >  #       vendor 0x082d
> >  #       product 0x0100
> >  #       release 0x0100
> >  #       attach "/usr/local/bin/coldsync -t usb -p /dev/ugen0 -m /usr/home/ilya/.palm/backup
> As far as I know, "-m" is not a valid option for coldsync.  And if that

it was valid for 1.4.6

> part of your /etc/usbd.conf looks just like you posted it, you need to
> uncomment most of those lines (delete the "#" at the start of each

;) of course they were uncommented when i was trying them. but! it actaully 
works the way you suggested. i was able to make a backup and sync. the only 
thing i am having problem with is init mode (-mI), though i have in .coldsyncrc
 the lines it suggests, each time I run sync in Init mode it complains that pda
and suggest to put 1078 in .coldsyncrc. My unix uid is 1000.i have tried to 
specify ~/.coldsyncrc with -f, i tried without specifying it, it looks like 
the coldsync binary doesnt look at it at all. each time it says i dont have 
those lines. The only way to make sync wotk is to manually edit 
/usr/local/etc/palms i put |1000|1000 for user and luser there and it works,
though init is still complaining.
also there are couple of corrections to config lines you showed below. 
since other ppl might use these examples i am sending it to list for archiving.
Thanks for you help.

need to put -p ${DEVNAME} or it will be uused as argument for -mr
> #restore mode:
> #        attach "/usr/local/bin/coldsync -f /usr/home/ilya/.coldsyncrc
> -t usb -svv -mr /path/to/restore/dir ${DEVNAME}"

also it seems that only -md can use ugen0 without /dev everywhere else when you
 specify device you need -p /dev/${DEVNAME}
> #Initialize mode:
>         attach "/usr/local/bin/coldsync -f /usr/home/ilya/.coldsyncrc -t
> usb -svv -mI ${DEVNAME}"

same as -mr either need -p ${DEVNAME} or dont specify it all, -mb path $1 will
 use $1 as database name,
> #Backup mode:
> #        attach "/usr/local/bin/coldsync -f /usr/home/ilya/.coldsyncrc
> -t usb -svv -mb /path/to/your/backup/dir ${DEVNAME}"
> ############################

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