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[coldsync-hackers] coldsync 2.1, USB, & FreeBSD

coldsync works from the command line under FBSD 4-2 (sorta).

First, my /etc/usbd.conf:

## Handspring visor (PDA)
   device "Handspring Visor"
        devname "ugen0"
        vendor 0x082d           
        product 0x0100          
        release 0x0100

...That's it.  No "attach" statement needed for coldsync-2.1.  But this block has to be in /etc/usbd.conf.  (I think this is because it tells usbd to associate the visor with /dev/ugen0 so that it can be read from and written to; hence the "device not configured" error messages that come up unless usbd is running *and* the visor is "attached" to ugen0  (as in the dmesg line "ugen0: Handspring ing Handspring Visor ..." etc) )

next I kill usbd (if running) and restart.  

then from my home directory I just type: 


and it *might* work.  The first 10 or so times I try it the sync goes fine, provided that I hit the HotSync button in a time window of about 3 or 4 seconds which starts aobut 4 or 5 seconds after I press <enter> .....but it stops working after those 10 or so syncs --I have no clue why.

Now here's the odd part:  It definitely works if several instances of coldsync are run at once (more than 15 or 20 ensures a sync).  I have an executable script called "~/bin/ugly" which is just 26 lines consisting of "coldsync &".  If type "ugly", I get 26 lines that say "Please press the HotSync buttion", I hit it, and the visor syncs like it's supposed to.   with this trick, timing is not an issue (for the user), provided that I hit the HotSync button after the coldsyncs are running and before they time out at 30 seconds.  

whoops.....just tried this with coldsync 1.4.6; it works there too (the "ugly" trick, not the timing trick).

ok; so what does all this mean?

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