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Re: [coldsync-hackers] visor edge/usb/freebsd 4.3-RC problems

oops; sorry the config stuff got garbled in the last mail by line-wrap; 
here again:

## Handspring visor (PDA)
   device "Handspring Visor"
        devname "ugen0"
        vendor 0x082d           
        product 0x0100          
        release 0x0100
#daemon mode: 
#        attach "/usr/local/bin/coldsync -f /usr/home/ilya/.coldsyncrc -t usb -svv -md ${DEVNAME}"

#restore mode:
#        attach "/usr/local/bin/coldsync -f /usr/home/ilya/.coldsyncrc -t usb -svv -mr /path/to/restore ${DEVNAME}"

#Initialize mode:
	attach "/usr/local/bin/coldsync -f /usr/home/ilya/.coldsyncrc -t usb -svv -mI ${DEVNAME}"

#Backup mode:
#        attach "/usr/local/bin/coldsync -f /usr/home/ilya/.coldsyncrc -t usb -svv -mb /path/to/your/backup ${DEVNAME}"

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