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[coldsync-hackers] Some testing/research about NetSync and ColdSync operation

I think it should go to Andrew Arensburger, as a chief developer of
ColdSync, but may be somebody else will note it too.
I have the following observation when doing NetSync with this setup:
Palm ----- HotSync(Windows -  relay) ------- ColdSync(Linux - Primary PC)
1) if I enter Primary PC name AND IP address on Palm, ColdSync working ok
and according to initial sequence - I mean getting wakeup packets on port
14237, replying on the same port by UDP and then switching to TCP port
2) If I enter just Primary PC Name (host name) but no IP address, no Syncing
happened :-(
I did packet capturing and found that reason is simple -  Desktop HotSync
does the following - it resolves domain name of the Primary PC and then
starts TCP connection on port 14238 right away.
ColdSync, for sure, waits wake-up UDP packet on 14237 and ignores incoming
TCP 14238 connection.
I think ColdSync logic has to be redone slightly - may be easiest thing
would have UDP listener as a separate process ?
We still don't know what this misterious UDP exchange - may be is that Palm
Name Resolution Protocol ?
Alex Tronin
P.S. This setup works flawless - no matter what
Palm ----- HotSync(Windows -relay) ------- HotSync(Windows - Pimary PC)
it means HotSync listens on both TCP 14238 and UDP 14237 at the same time

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