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Re: [coldsync-hackers] 57600bps weirdness

On Sun, 18 Mar 2001, Andrew Arensburger wrote:

> 	While playing around with ColdSync under Linux, I ran across
> something rather weird: I couldn't sync at 57600 bps, but could at
> 115200.
> 	The setup: Redhat 6.2, Linux 2.4.1, ColdSync 2.0.0-latest,
> PalmPilot Pro on /dev/ttyS0.
> 	This is a serial Palm. Under "Prefs / Modem", the highest

serial and usb are working fine for my visor deluxe under slackware 7.1,
kernel 2.2.16 (and 2.2.18), coldsync 2.0.0-latest.  for serial,
/dev/ttyS0, for /dev/ttyUSB0. visor and coldsync set to 57600 in both


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