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[coldsync-hackers] 57600bps weirdness

	While playing around with ColdSync under Linux, I ran across
something rather weird: I couldn't sync at 57600 bps, but could at
	The setup: Redhat 6.2, Linux 2.4.1, ColdSync 2.0.0-latest,
PalmPilot Pro on /dev/ttyS0.

	This is a serial Palm. Under "Prefs / Modem", the highest
speed available is 57600 bps. This is also the speed that the Palm
suggests during the initial connection. According to Palm's docs, this
is supposed to be the highest speed that the Palm can handle.
	I had no success at 57600 bps: ColdSync could send data out
just fine, but never got any response back of any kind. I tried both
"speed: 57600;" and "speed: 0;" in .coldsyncrc , with no difference.

	On a whim, I set "speed: 115200;" in .coldsyncrc , and it
worked. I have no idea why. According to cfgetispeed()/cfgetospeed(),
the serial port's speed is correctly set to 115200, though the Palm
shouldn't be able to handle this speed.

	Has anyone else seen this? Should this be added as a possible
workaround in the FAQ? Is the serial driver completely fscked, or am I
doing something wrong?

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