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Re: [coldsync-hackers] experimental inetd patch (multiple connections)

On Wed, Apr 25, 2001 at 12:43:09PM -0300, Francisco Castro wrote:
>   This patch add support for multiple TCP/IP connections using INETD and
> coldsync 2.1.0. The UDP part of the hotsync protocol is currently
> handled with the "pi-csd" daemon from the pilot-link package. The patch
> is alpha code!

	I'm not sure what this patch adds that ColdSync doesn't already do.
Currently, if you have

netsync-wakeup	dram	udp	nowait	root	/usr/local/bin/coldsync coldsync -md -t tcp -

in /etc/inetd.conf , that should be (almost) everything you need to have
ColdSync run in daemon mode from inetd. Inetd listens for the UDP wakeup
packet, and the "tcp" listen type handles the UDP handshake, so you don't
need pi-csd.
	Is there more to your patch that I haven't noticed? Or did you
simply not notice that ColdSync already handles inetd-style connections
(probably because it's not documented :-( )?

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