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[coldsync-hackers] visor deluxe and syncing on linux serial port

ok. so at work, my usb bus seems to be fried so i'm trying to sync via a
serial cradle. this serial cradle works under that _other_ operating
system so the cradle is fine.

for the record, this is slackware linux 7.1, kernel 2.2.19,

i get to "Identifying user.." on the visor and then nada. the connection
eventually times out.

i'm using  coldsync -dmisc:4 -dio:4 -dsync:4

under 2.0.2 i got:

Please press the HotSync button.
pconn->speed == 0
Looking for a PDA block.
  Also checking user info
Fetching SysInfo

under 2.1.0 i get:

Please press the HotSync button.
pconn->speed == 0

any thoughts? suggestions? other info that you need?

Matt Cashner
Web Applications Developer
The Creative Group (http://www.cre8tivegroup.com)
eek@eekeek.org | Codito, ergo sum

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