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Re: [coldsync-hackers] coldsync install and perl

On Sun, 22 Apr 2001, JD Smith wrote:

> I've found a problem with ColdSync which occurs when ________.  You can
> replicate this problem by setting __________.  It affects those
> installations which _____________.  It's possible the issue is due to
> _____________.  A suggested fix would be to _________________.   A patch
> implementing this is attached.  Thanks for your help.

all of which i've said over the course of the email conversation.
look, i'm not threatening anyone here. and i'm trying to help. please note
that i've been working up patches and saving you all the time of having to
puzzle this one out. i have experience with MakeMaker and perl
build/install process. i can fix this problem and no one else has to think
about it ever again. if i am too blunt or too coarse for you, i apologize.
that is the way i am. i really dont have time or the energy to play
politics in what should be a fairly simple coding matter. i'm not here to
find personal fulfillment or even pride in this project. i'm just a simple
hacker interested in producing the best code possible.

so the question still stands: if i take the time and produce patches to
fix this bug, will they be accepted into the codebase provided they match
style rules and all of that? i really dont want to put anymore time or
effort into this if you all are not interested in improving the product

Matt Cashner
Web Applications Developer
The Creative Group (http://www.cre8tivegroup.com)
eek@eekeek.org | Codito, ergo sum

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