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Re: [coldsync-hackers] coldsync install and perl

On Sat, 21 Apr 2001, Andrew Arensburger wrote:

> 	How are you configuring, how are you installing, and exactly
> what problem are you seeing?

./configure && make all install

> 	"perl/ColdSync/Makefile.PL" uses the MakeMaker module because
> your local Perl installation has a far better idea of where things go
> than I do. If you leave it alone, it ought to find where to put
> things.

read your own Makefile.PL:

# The paths in the .packlist generated by "make install" will be based
# on the install-time prefix (see above). Whether this is correct or
# not depends on why, exactly, you're specifying different build-time
# and install-time prefixes.

the install-time prefix is being determined by coldsync's build process.

> 	If you're talking about the fact that 'make install' installs
> in /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.005/ColdSync.pm rather than
> /usr/libdata/perl/5.00503/ColdSync.pm, that's a feature, not a bug.
> The Makefile.PL uses "'INSTALLDIRS' => 'site'", since ColdSync.pm is a
> local add-on module, not part of the main Perl distribution.

huh? that's not what i'm talking about at all.
coldsync forces the perl modules into /usr/local/lib/site_perl (if you run
the Makefile.PL by hand they go in /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl). perl
modules on my systems all go in /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl. a standard
Makefile.PL puts them in the right place. Coldsync does not.

i just stripped out all the code you put in place to override the default
MakeMaker makefile. Makefile.PL now looks like:

# $Id: Makefile.PL,v 1.7 2000/08/08 15:47:46 arensb Exp $
use ExtUtils::MakeMaker;

    'NAME'      => 'ColdSync',
    'VERSION_FROM'  => 'ColdSync.pm', # finds $VERSION

    'AUTHOR'        => 'Andrew Arensburger <arensb@ooblick.com>',
    'ABSTRACT'      => 'Module for writing ColdSync conduits',


the modules now get installed into the proper location
(/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl). this would seem to indicate that the problem
is in your overriden sections.

> 	You sound angry. I honestly think you ought to calm down, take
> a stress pill, and think things over. This sort of thing has cropped
> up before, and it has always been attributable to human error. (Hey,
> it's 2001 :-) )

i will pull your higher memory functions.

Matt Cashner
Web Applications Developer
The Creative Group (http://www.cre8tivegroup.com)
eek@eekeek.org | Codito, ergo sum

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