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[coldsync-hackers] A wish for HEADERS

Hi Andrew,
I would like to see the following HEADER generated by coldsync to conduits:
UserName: palm_user_name        
and if possible
Password: palm_password
and if possible to follow:
PalmUserID: palm_user_id
and to finish:
SerialNumber: palm_serial_number 
reason for all those requests is simple - I am making a set of conduits, and all conduits are the same for all users, but they need to know which exactly user it is and be able to verify password.
I know coldsync can do it, I modified it and was able to generate UserName with no problem.
Can it be incorporated into mainstream development ?
My conduit file looks like this, and I want to run those conduits for each user  - they need Palm username
listen net {
conduit dump {
    path: "/home/alex/conduits/address";
    type: addr/DATA;
    File: /home/alex/test/address;
conduit dump {
    path: "/home/alex/conduits/memo";
    type: memo/DATA;
    File:   /home/alex/test/memo;
conduit dump {
    path: "/home/alex/conduits/todo";
    type: todo/DATA;
    File:   /home/alex/conduits/todo;